Budget Car Hire

We can arrange and establish communication ground to negotiate a budget car hire rate that will work for you. The possibilities of negotiation are made possible once the duration of the rental period is established.

Free delivery and collection once agreed at a fee can be done from any City or Town in Uganda.

We make use of vehicles models ranging from models 1996 to above the year 2000 models.
Different insurance cover options. Standard and super Cover Insurance comes with a low excess in case of theft or damage of the vehicles, for international clients there is an option with Super executive Cover Insurance where you fully insurance yourself against this excess. (0 Excess)!

All our rates may eventually budget rates or low cost hire fees but are fully inclusive which ensures that there are no hidden costs.

Simba car hire always has support services when you have trouble with the vehicle provided.

Budget Car rental Kampala Toyota Sedan
Ipsum low cost Kampala car hire services
Budget Minibus Safari vehicle for rent from Kampala
Budget Safari 4x4 vehicles for hire in Uganda

Included in the our budgeted rate

Please note that you have to produce your drivers licence, passport when receiving the rental-vehicle and that of a local guarantor.

Simba car car hire charges for drop off and collection at all cities or towns in Uganda.

Unlimited kilometers

18% VAT

Baby seats (if confirmed before booking).

Depending on the negotiations done during the booking process, the package may include the driver.

Personal accident insurance can be taken out

Additional Charges Depend Upon the Group Booked.

Refundable Deposit (Fuel & Extra’s): depends upon the group booked.

No Show Fee / Late Cancellation Fee on Vehicles : Depends upon group booked.These charges are subject to change without notice

Breach of Contract

All related and unrelated costs shall be borne by the Renter in the case of Breach of Contract. Some examples of

Breach of Contract are:-

  • Accident occurring after vehicle is due back
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Accident due to traffic violations
  • Negligence
  • Unauthorized drivers
  • Damage to windows, tyres, rims, hubcaps, radios, upholstery, radios
  • Accidents on gravel roads.

These are general terms for your information.