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Do you want to travel around the pearl of Africa on your own; Simba Car hire is here to offer you the great opportunity of driving yourself in a rental car.  Previously this option was not highly welcomed by many car rental companies for very many reasons, however in the last 3-4 years hiring a car on self-drive has become very popular, many travelers want to explore on their own, what they need is to hire and drive themselves. So if you are looking for a self drive experience in Uganda, book and rent any 4×4 car on your self guided safari at a lowest price possible within Kampala and outside Kampala even in the remote areas you can still drive yourself.

All our vehicles are in good condition, well maintained and they are equipped with GPS navigation or travel map and working air condition, all these will give you the best self-driving adventure in Uganda. In case you need to hire the car on self drive with camping gears to give you the most rewarding experience we have them at just a small fee and if you are hiring a car from us with a camping gears we will offer you both at a very high discounted rate, hence you will win a great camping experience a classic touch. So just not look any further we are at your disposal to give you the best service.  Just inquiry any type of car you need we will provide.

We are known as one of the best car hire service providers in Uganda and entire east Africa, however you will advise if you are crossing borders so that we can give you papers which will allow you to cross with the car to neighboring countries such as rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.  We have experience of over 9 years in travel business something which has permitted as gain the best knowledge and also it has enabled us learn how to deal with clients from different corners of  world and also to treat them in a special  and best way possible hence non of our client leave without satisfied.

Driving at your own pace in your self-drive car is worth the money for the service, since you have your itinerary; you are free to explore the country. Pick-up your car directly at Entebbe International Airport and enjoy travelling through Uganda’s spectacular scenery. However, If your trip starts or ends other than Kampala or Entebbe , we can arrange delivery and pickup of 4×4 Car Fleet throughout Uganda including Kabale, Kasese and Jinja Town, Mbarara, Mbale, kisoro, Masaka and you will incur additional fees for Fuel and Drivers fees.

We offer reliable 4×4 Toyota Rav4 and 4X4 Land Cruisers with popup roofs to give the best self guided adventure in Uganda. On your self-drive adventure safari, we will help you plan your itinerary depending on your interest and we can also help you book accommodation type you need. Uganda is a home with a lot of incredible attractions some of which are untouched just waiting for you to explore. From gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Mgahinga national park to wildlife safaris in savannah parks including Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national par, Kidepo valley national park and Lake Mburo national park we will help you plan your memorable safari, just let us know what your safari should include we will design for you a good itinerary or you can follow this link and choose your itinerary.

We cater for all interest whether you hire your rental self drive for business; safari or wedding or guided trips car hire Kampala is always there for all your needs regarding any sort of car. Even if its last minute booking we are there to serve you with a lot of care just talk to our staff! Whether you are looking to rent an economy, luxury, or a SUV, our rates are very low begins from usd40 and above.

 Why Self Drive in Uganda with us –Simba car hire (car hire Kampala)

Hiring a car on self-drive is a useful means of exploring the pearl at your own and leisure with no rush of the guide with regard to the time you must spend at a particular point. Depending on your interest, budget and time, you can visit national parks, lakes, mountain; cities visit the local people and interact within them a few days since you will be the one determining your itinerary,

Self-drive is affordable, in that you can hire a car with camping gears  at a very low price hence ending up saving some money you would have used on hotels/lodges since  the 4×4 camper/roof-tent becomes your accommodation and transport and offers excellent value(biting 2 birds with one stone at a very friendly comfortable vehicle). Its optional you can hire a 4×4 vehicle with camping gears or without the choice remains yours,

 Unrestricted travel: once you hire your vehicle there is no restrictions, you can access each and every part of the country. Since most of the attractions in Uganda are located in the far remote areas, you are advised to hire a 4×4 vehicles however if you will be driving within the capital city Kampala you can use 2wd. Even if you are a solo traveler or a group traveler, we have all sorts of vehicles that will feet you.

You get complete experience in your self-drive vehicle in that you get a better feel for the country as you have an option to admire whatever you meet on the way.

Just let us know the dates you will be traveling we will reserve you the car either with or without a deposit .You can pay through bank wire transfer or you can pay upon your arrival at the airport or direct to our offices in Kampala. However, still if you want one of our drivers to accompany you we have them, there are very experienced and they know each and every part of the country, so in case you are interested in hiring a car with a driver, they are readily available and then you simply enjoy your holiday in Uganda. Why not chose us for self- drive in Uganda. You can send us an inquiry on or either call us direct on +25675787499.

Why Book with us a self-drive safari car rental

  • You have the freedom to travel anywhere throughout Uganda and in case you want to cross borders, you can still with, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania.
  • We advise our clients trip ideas for those who want to plan road trip safaris in Uganda.
  • Once you counsel your booking, No Cancellation Fees is charged on you.
  • Payment is made on arrival, however if you want to book your vehicle still you send the money via bank wire transfer
  • All our cars are in good conditions and well serviced
  • We can deliver the car at any of your destination for easy access.
  • We rent our cars at a very low cost
  • Price match guarantee
  • We off free airport pick and drop in case you hire from us
  • We hire all our cars on unlimited mileage
  • We are 24 hour available to offer help to our clients

Where to go on self-drive safari in Uganda

  • Murchison Falls NP
  • Queen Elizabeth National park
  • Mgahinga Gorilla National park
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Murchison falls national park
  • Uganda Museum
  • Kibale Forest NP
  • Lake Bunyonyi
  • Uganda Wildlife Education Centre
  • Mabira Forest
  • Kasubi Tombs
  • Lake Mburo NP
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National park
  • Kidepo Valley National park

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a car in Uganda?

Hiring a car in Uganda on self-drive gives you the total freedom while on your safari, it’s you to decide where to go, what to do and how much time to spend at a particular attraction and it’s you to determine your driving speed and more so it’s very cheap, you are free to choose the car you desire depending on your destination.

Which method of booking is better, pre-book or on arrival?

We accept both pre-book and on arrival, however, the best method is pre-booking as this saves you from disappointments of last minute booking. Some car hire agencies may over charge you if you book on the last minute. So book your car in time and pay on arrival. However alternatively to secure your booking, you can pay before your arrival, we will send you our bank account details for the money wire transfer and we will reserve you the car. We offer discounts on our car deals and our rates are relatively low, so we save you from wondering around the city looking for hire deals whose prices are relatively high

What kind of fuel to use and how much can I fuel the car

We have a variety of fleets, they come in both petrol and diesel models, so it depends on your interest, and the car fuel type you need, you are advised to inform us about the fuel car type you need so that we book it for you. About the amount of fuel, no guarantee is given on your self-drive, remember you will be driving yourself; it’s upon you to determine the distance to cover. however if you are in a Rav4 full tank takes like 60 liters and 1 liter covers like 5-6 km and the fueling points are found everywhere in Uganda. Our staff will do their best to deliver a car with the fuel type requested with some fuel.

Is it possible to return the car very early?

No problem with returning the car early before the agreed upon dates and it should be noted that no fee is refunded for the unused rental dates. However, if you need to use the car for more days, it’s better to inform the car rental company about the extra days and for any extra days you must pay the same money per day.

Is a driving permit very vital?

It’s very important to carry your driving permit, for foreigners a valid international driving permit is  very important and it’s a proof that you hold a valid driver’s license in your country of origin and we will remain with the photocopy of the International driving permits, a domestic driving permit  is also very vital. Even locals to get car rental from us, you must present your driving license and an identification card.

Any discount given on fleet?

Discounts are offered but many car hire agencies in Uganda however offers discounts on  fleets depending on the number of days you are going to use the car. If you hire the vehicle for more than 10 days you are guarantee of a discounted rate, if you book with us, we give discounts staring from 5 days and above on each car.

How do I know that my vehicle is booked?

After you have confirmed with us the type of vehicle you need and the number of days you will be using the vehicle, we will go ahead and reserve the car on the stated dates. However to guarantee your booking you will send us some booking fee or you can make full payment. If you confirm payment, we will send you the bank account fee on which we will fire the money. After receiving the money we will send you the confirmation massage.